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    Groom Team Points Earned at Groom Expo West in Pasadena, CA. February/2015.

    TableThe Atlanta Pet Fair Weekend
    SPECIAL RAFFLE!!!  March 5th – 8th

    Come See Groom Team USA at Booth #113.  Enter our special raffle (only 350 tickets will be sold) at $20 per ticket for a chance to win an Ultralift Top Dog Electric Grooming Table.  Not able to attend the show?  Email Judy Routley, Groom Team USA Coordinator, at routley @ bellsouth.net to purchase tickets.  See Raffle Info…..

     Groom Team Top Ten Awards

    The Groom Team Top Ten Awards will be given out at the Atlanta Pet Fair,  March 5th-8th, 2015, WPA, Atlanta, Georgia.  Date, place & time to be announced.

    The Groom Team for the World Competitions

    Groom Team USA is pleased to announce the Travel Team for the World Competition will be: Linsey Dicken, Mackensie Murphy, Olga Zabelinskaya, Michelle Breen-Krahenbuhl & Veronica Frosch (Alternate)

    Groom Team Scholarship Program

    Each year Groom Team USA selects a deserving applicant to receive the Groom Team Scholarship.  For more information contact the Groom Team Scholarship Coordinator, Teri Di Marino, groomteamusa @ aol.com

    Join Groom Team USA on Facebook

    There are many members of Groom Team USA, past and present, who are connected through social media like Facebook and Twitter. One of the great things about these social connections are the PHOTOS that are posted every day. You will find that so many great groomers are willing to share information and lend support to each other that it just makes sense to be a part of the online world.

    Click our Facebook image to connect with the Groom Team USA page on Facebook and join the group. Many announcements and GTUSA updates are posted there by members of the organization. This is one of the best ways to stay up-to-date with what is happening in the grooming world.

    Additional Groom Team Sponsors Are Still Needed

    Groom Team USA has many levels of sponsorship available – we need your help!  Please contact Tammy Siert, GTUSA Secretary for sponsorship information.